HMO License Application Process

HMO Task list

Many conditions have to be fulfilled to get a license for an HMO property.
Certifications are required which involve contacting approved specialists to perform or validate any work needed to bring a property up to minimum standards.
There are forms to fill and also to display, work to be done and fees to pay.
There are first time application fees and after that there are renewal fees.
An inspection will be made by members of the Council HMO team and the Fire Officer who is usually on secondment from the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service, SFRS. After the inspection, there may be a list of further work needed which will set out when and what is to be done.
Landlord registration is required and it is useful to consult the Scottish Government website, link at bottom.

Relating to the People

For Fire Safety responsibility there is the need to appoint a Duty Holder who may be a resident in the property, agent or owner. Duty Holders must learn and become aware of fire safety principles and requirements, for which there is plenty of information online and by contacting the relevant authorities.
HMO legislation wording also refers to the Person Responsible for a property, who is the person responsible for the day to day management of a property.
For each certification, a Registered Person is required to sign for works and standards met, who must be acceptable to the council authority as being competent.
It is important to have good safety information between all parties, but specifically and primarily the tenants.
It is vital to ensure that tenants have fire drills from the start.

Relating to the Property

Windows, doors, furniture, wall and ceiling materials must all conform, be made suitable or certified, particularly in relation to fire saftey regulations and advice.
This will involve;- intumescent strips and door closers being fitted on doors with minimal 1/2 hour or 1 hour fire rating as relevant, having locks on cupboards, having wired and suitably framed glass, typically to 1 hour fire rating, where applicable, with certification of materials and fire-safety of the structural or frame elements of window or panel frames.


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